Voyage, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary


1. An act of travelling (or transit), a journey (or passage), by which one goes from one place to another (esp. at a considerable distance).    

a. In the phrases to take or make (a, the, or one's) voyage. Now rare.  In early use including travel by sea as well as by land; for quotations in which the nautical sense is clear see 4b.

b. In other contexts. Now rare.

c. A pilgrimage. Obs.

d. Without article: Travel, travelling. Obs.

2. A journey or expedition undertaken with a military purpose; a warlike enterprise or undertaking; a march against an enemy. Obs.
b. In the phr. to make (or do) a voyage. Obs.

c. voyage royal, an expedition undertaken by a king in person. Obs.

3. An enterprise, undertaking, or adventure of a private character (in early use implying the making of a journey). Obs.
b. In the phr. to do (or make) a voyage. Obs.
4. A journey by sea or water from one place to another (usually to some distant place or country); a course or spell of sailing or navigation, spec. one in which a return is made to the starting-point; a cruise.  Arising from contextual uses of senses 1 and 2, and clearly separable from these only after the ME. period. For the phr. bon(e, boun, boon voyage see BOON a. 2.
b. In the phrases to take or make a voyage. Cf. 1a. Also transf.

c. A (single or return) passage or trip on a canal-boat. Obs.

d. A flight through the air (or through space); esp. a trip in a balloon.

e. spec. In marine insurance: (see quot.).

f. voyage of discovery (DISCOVERY 3), in fig. use.

1857 DUCANGE ANGLICUS Vulg. Tong., Voyage of discovery, going out stealing. 1890 ‘R. BOLDREWOOD’ Col. Reformer (1891) 227 After a voyage of discovery round the yard at full speed, [the cattle] return..into the lane.
5. Used fig. (in senses 1 or 4) to denote the course of human life (or some part of it), or the fate of persons after death

6.    a. The navigation of a particular sea-route; the course or route (to be) taken by a ship. Obs.

       b. A vessel as fitted out for sailing.

       c. Whaling. (See quot.)

       d. The quantity of fish taken in one trip or by one boat.

7. A written account of a voyage, a book describing a voyage (or journey).  From the frequent use of the word in the titles of narratives of voyages.

8. attrib. and Comb., as voyage-writer; voyage food, provision, = VIATICUM 1; voyage policy (see quot.).