There are several offerings this spring for students who want to get out on the water and sail. Contact the faculty member named if you are interested.

Maritime Studies Research

Faculty: Cpt. Sarah Pedersen
Credits: 8
Student fees: $25 per week vessel costs

Six to eight students will meet Monday 9-12 for seminars on maritime literature, 2-6 for sailing aboard Seawulff, Evergreen's 38' wooden cutter. Students will also research and write a major essay on a topic of their own choosing related to maritime studies.
Possible authors we will read, to be determined by the interests of the group: Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Charles Johnson, Ivan Doig, Jonathan Raban, various northwest poets.

3 credits maritime literature
5 credits dependent upon research
Contact: Sarah Pedersen,; 867-6647 or
library reference desk, Wednesday evenings, 5-10:45 p.m., Office: Library 3309.

Piloting, Sailtraining and Seamanship

Faculty: Cpt. John Filmer
Credits: 4
Student fees: $25 per week vessel costs

Six to eight students will meet at least weekly for workshops on shore and sailtraining on Seawulff. Exact schedule TBA, but Friday is likely. Workshops will cover: Coastal Navigation (piloting); Rules of the Road (in detail); Brief survey of maritime law; Power Cruise and Sail Seamanship;Tides and Currents.

Texts and required tools will include Chapman's Piloting & COMDINST USCG M16672.2C 9 (Rules of the Road); Charts 18448, 18456, parallel rulers and dividers.

2 credits Piloting (Coastal Navigation)
2 credits Sail and Power Cruise Seamanship
Contact: John Filmer,


Both faculty listed above are willing to sponsor maritime studies internships of your design and to give advice on internships that are available in the region in the fields of maritime trades, maritime museums and collections, youth sailtraining organizations, tall ships, marine environment education associations, etc.

In addition, Sarah Pedersen seeks spring a intern who will work under general supervision to identify and contact potential outdoor education, field science and environmental education clients for Seawulff. Students with well-developed bosunry, marine engineering, woodworking and relevant skills are also encouraged to contact Sarah regarding internship possiblities.