Voyages of Discovery and Understanding

Wk Date   Region Due Seminar Readings Activities
1 11 Jan 03 Room 2207 Lab II Silk Road --- Art, Culture, Science

Genesis Chapter 4, verses 1-14; in the King James version or in the New International version (or whatever you have)
Cain & Abel 
Spirit and Art, pp 81-101 

Jared Diamond 

Desert, pp 50-58 
(photocopy handout)
Thirgood. Ch. 2. Deforestation of the Levant.

Class Journal
Silk road map
clay slabs
Lecture: Gadgil and Guhu
2 18 Jan 03 Room 1047 Lab I Egypt 1-page response to reading question

Volunteer form signed

Desertification; Spirit and Art

A. Suchanke, pp 37-50 (photocopy handout),
R. Steiner "Egyptian Myths and Mysteries"
Greece, Spirit and Art, pp 48-78
Kormondy and Brown. Ch. 7: Adaptation to Cold and Heat. pp. 131-161.
Perlin: Mycenaean Greece. pp. 58-68.

Class Journal
Low relief carving
Lecture: Adaptation to heat and drought
3 25 Jan 03 Library 3500 Greece 2 page paper on deforestation, desertification and civilization Civilization Renaissance, Spirit and Art, pp 23-46 
J. Bronowski, The Music of the Spheres, pp 155-187 

Perlin: Muslim Mediterranean pp. 131-143

Class Journal
Clay vessel
Golden Ratio

4 01 Feb 03 Room 2207 Lab II Mediterranean/ Renaissance

Research/Project proposal (information here)

Research project seminar

Ancient Egyptian Love Poetry
Song of Songs and commentary
Sappho and Rumi
optional: Modern Science, Vedic Science, and John of the Cross (pdf, 19pages) and a
website with a brief biography

Class Journal
Perspective workshop
writing exercise

5 08 Feb 03 Room 1047 Lab I Spain     something on language
Tropical Nature 248 pp. (read as much as possible)

Video:Century of the Sail
Class Journal
Lecture: Invasive species

6 15 Feb 03 Room 1047 Lab I New World: tropics Tropical Nature finish Tropical Nature
White Waters and Black to page 197.
2-6pm Celebration of Cultures and Language
7 22 Feb 03 Library 3500 New World: tropics DRAFT RESEARCH PAPER DUE White Waters and Black finish White Waters and Black  (page 335) Lecture: tropical forest natural history
8 01 Mar 03 Room 1047 Lab I New World: tropics 1-page response to reading question  

Kruckeberg: Natural History of the Puget Sound Area. Ch. 10. Aboriginal Indians in the Puget Sound Basin. Pp. 383-403.
Orians. Evolution and Aesthetics.

Lecture: Coevolution
9 08 Mar 03 Library 3500 New World: PNW      
10 15 Mar 03 Room 1047 Lab I   RESEARCH PAPER DUE: final version      

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