Welcome E-mail
Weird and Wondrous
May 9, 2002

Hi. We've created a mailing list for students in the Weird and Wondrous program. (It also includes the students currently on the wait list - nine of you right now. Obviously, we can't promise anything about the chances of getting in off the wait list eventually, and students on the wait list should certainly register for your second choice for now, but at least some of you eventually will get in, and so we'll keep you informed about planning. In general, there's quite a lot of shifting around, and if you really want to be in a program, you should always check with the faculty the first day of class - until then, nobody really knows if there's actually going to be a little more room or not.)

Right now, all this list will do is distribute newsy messages from us (the faculty). It's set up that way so you don't get spam or nuisance virus messages through the list address - in the fall, we can talk about how you'd like it set up during the program. (If any of you would like to send a message out to everybody over the summer - inviting us all to your chateau in the south of France by private jet or something - let us know and we'll be happy to send it on through the list.)

For right now, there's not a lot of news. We're attaching the handout from the academic fair for first year students in case you weren't here. If you didn't have a chance to ask something in the crowd at the fair, or if you think of any other questions, feel free to send e-mail to Thad (curtzt@evergreen.edu), and he'll answer if he can. (Jean is going to be travelling without regular e-mail for considerable stretches, so writing her won't be useful until we get started.)

As far as the schedule goes, we've planning to meet:

9-12 Monday - Lectures

1-3 Monday - Seminar discussion of the reading for the week

9-12 Tuesday - Studio Art meeting

Tuesday afternoon - Workshop time (Work in small groups on assignments about the readings, technical skills development, etc.)

9-12:30 Thursday - Film viewing and discussion

1-3 Thursday - Seminar discussion of the reading

We may have to adjust times if the space we've asked for is unavailable - but it's pretty likely that this is what we'll end up with. There will be sixteen or seventeen hours a week in class; the outside studio assignments, the writing assignments the reading assignments, and (probably) a small research project on something you think is wondrous should take another twenty-five or thirty hours a week. (We try to keep the total workload at roughly forty to forty-five hours a week altogether.)

We'll be going on a field trip to museums and galleries in Seattle on Thursday, October 3 - the first week of class. We'll try to be back by 5:30, but traffic is unpredictable, so you need to make arrangements about some backup plan for work obligations, childcare, or whatever (or consult us) if you really have to be somewhere in the late afternoon that day.