The Adaptationist Program

Spring 2004

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Adaptation News (Updated 6/8)

Hey Guys, The pot luck is TUESDAY evening at 6:00. You should probably bring clothes that hide your arms and legs from mosquitos. Directions are here.

Those who wanted a copy of the leaked Pentagon Report on Global Warming should click here.

The New York Times and Paul Krugman (The first column is the newest) and

The Origin of Specious: a blog

The National Center for Public Policy Research: Ten Second Response

A great S.J. Gould Site

A great Richard Dawkins Site

Luca Turin's site

Reading assignments:

You should already have read:

Climbing Mount Improbable
The Emperor of Scent
Cargo Cult Science
The Spaniels of St. Marx.
The Spandrels of San Marco
This article on flight. (Thanks for the link Nika!)
This other article on flight.

Lecture slides:

Intro lecture

How to recognise an adaptation

The Telomere Lecture

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