(much of this is available at the campus bookstore):

What you will need:




PAPER: a relatively good, strong paper, torn or cut, ready to fold into folios (I’d recommend at least a 60lb. drawing paper).


BOARD: Binder’s board or thick mounting board (3-4 ply) Don’t bring mattboard with a beveled edge. If possible, cut in advance: you need two pieces of exactly the same size and dimensions (they’ll form the covers). The boards should be about an eighth of an inch taller that your pages, and exactly the same width.


THREAD: this binding makes good use of attractive, relatively thick thread. DO NOT bring embroidery floss or the like. The ideal thread is a linen binder’s thread. Shipwreck Beads has some nice waxed linen in various colors.


PRETTY PAPER (optional): you’d want enough pretty paper to cover your boards entirely. Pretty paper should not be too thin or transparent. You’ll be coating it with glue, so it needs to be able to absorb a bit of glue without staining or soaking through.


BONE FOLDER: You can also substitute an old butter knife that’s not too sharp.


NEEDLE, preferably blunt; make sure the eye of your needle is wide enough for your thread.


GLUE-BRUSH, should be a cheap, thick, blunt ended brush. Bring an empty plastic container to put glue into.


RULER & a metal straight edge, if you have one. We’ll bring some too.


AWL: a point tool for stabbing holes in your signatures, preferably about the same size as your needle


X-ACTO KNIFE: extra blades never hurt. We’ll have some too, but not enough for everyone.







call: 459 2940 3611 Ryan St SE, Lacey

This is really a mail order business in a garage in Lacey. Call first to tell them what you’re looking for and to get directions and a good time to come over. Two really nice women run it.



1822 Harrison Ave. NW 943 5332 Right near the “Harrison/Division” intersection. They have a little

bookbinding section and general art supplies. They also have a pretty good selection of handmade papers



2500 Mottman Rd SW , Tumwater 754 2323

Literally a warehouse full of beads. And beads are great,

but you’ll also find great cord material, thread, etc.