( an  MPA elective open, as space allows,  for  special  students and upper division  undergrads)


Comparative Health Care Administration

4 Credit                      Wed  6-10 pm         Lab I, Room 1051




Joan Bantz

Lab I, 3011







Description:  This course will explore important differences rooted in culture, ethnicity, history, social, economic and political systems, amongst a variety of nations, first people/tribal health care in the US, and the current US (non) system. The study of health and health care from international, national, broad and unique perspectives provides those ultimately working in our multicultural society, and abroad, an opportunity to contribute toward and promote health and health care innovation.

Teams will be selected by the second day of class, and by using similar models of analysis and exploration, we will gain an understanding of the similarities and differences of industrial countries, third world countries and US tribal program's health and health care offerings.  Each team will be responsible for facilitating an understanding of the country or tribal program for the rest of the class all quarter. (faculty will be comparing the current US system.)

Through the use of lecture, seminar, case study, guest speakers and web crossing postings this course will encourage students to think critically and actively about vital national and international health issues, practice applications, skill building tools and facilitate further research.

Text: (plus pertinent text for each team)

Kim, Yong et.la. (Editor). Dying for Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor
Common Courage,  2000.    ISBN: 1567511600

Graig, Laurene A.  Health of Nations: An International Perspectives on U.S. Health Care Reform (Health of Nations, 3rd Ed (Paper), Congressional Quarterly Books (Sd); ; 3rd edition (June 1999) ISBN: 156802360X

Payer, Lynn, et. la.  Medicine & Culture: Varieties of Treatment in the United States, England, West Germany, and France.  Owlet, Reprint edition (October 1996) ISBN: 0805048030

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