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Fall & Winter Quarters 2003

Fall stuff

Resources that students in Fishes, Frogs and Forests might find interesting or useful:

Amphibian and other herp links

AmphibiaWeb (site devoted to amphibian biology and conservation)

Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (Clearinghouse of herp sites, ranging from amphibian monitoring programs, frog calls, and herpetoculture, to research facilities and conservation organizations specializing in herps.)

Resources mentioned in Lectures

Fundamentals of Physical Geography (Very good description of planetary factors responsible for seasons, day length, intensity of sunlight, etc. If you got lost during Heather's October 13 lecture on the tropics, this link may help...)

Biodiversity and species accounts

Tree of Life (database of the world's species, with evolutionary relationships and some ecology and physiology on most as well)

Animal Diversity Web (like Tree of Life, but in language that non-specialists can understand)