Laboratory for INS

Hands on experience is an important part of learning science.  The laboratory experiments are carefully designed and chosen to assist you in achieving a better understanding of biology, chemistry, physics and the mathematics involved in these fields.  All labs meet on Fridays, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

The class will be divided into two groups: A & B.  The lab rotation schedule will last two weeks. In the course of two weeks, each of these groups will complete three labs. Groups will be identified at, or before, the first seminar meeting.

An integral part of the laboratory experience is a lab notebook.  To receive laboratory credit you must maintain an adequate lab notebook. You will need a separate lab notebook for biology, chemistry and physics.  You may continue to use your notebooks from last quarter if there is room. It is also acceptable to start with a new notebook.  Be sure to leave room at the beginning of a new notebook for the table of contents. There is some flexibility with lab notebook style but the guidelines found on the lab notebook page must be followed.


Your safety in the lab is very important to us.  During the first week of classes there will be a laboratory safety workshop.  Please take a look at the laboratory safety manual to prepare for this workshop.  This safety workshop is only required for those people joining our program.  If you completed the safety training during fall quarter attendance to the safety workshop is optional.  As the workshop times become available we will let you know. The safety workshop must be completed before you will be allowed to work in the lab.

Please use the subject links below to obtain more information about the labs in Introduction to Natural Science.  It is your responsibility to print out the labs and bring them to your lab time.


Biology                        Chemistry                  Physics

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