media literacy through digital production

CRN: 30710

meeting times:
Mon. & Wed. - Multimedia Lab (L1316) 5-7pm

special expenses: $50 for tape, CDs and film

faculty sponsor contact info
Amy Greene, 867-6219 Office (Lib 2417)

course description
This course will help students better understand the influence of media on our everyday lives by analyzing current media trends and learning the basic elements of digital media production. This approach to media literacy assumes that a critical media consumer understands decisions that effect content, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to editing. This beginning-level course is appropriate for students in any discipline interested in the mechanics as well as the issues surrounding media production. Using new skills with digital imaging and audio, each student will write and produce a short, finished presentation incorporating primarily still images with a layered audio track and be responsible for critical writings related to assigned topics. Class workshops will include digital camera proficiency, Photoshop, Peak DV and iMovie.