Physics Lab Assessment Criteria

Each lab that you do will be assessed on one or more of the first five criteria below. The criteria that will be used for assessment will stated in the lab hand out.


Defining research problem

Formulating a hypothesis

Selection of variables


A Research problem is stated clearly.

The hypothesis is directly related to the research problem and is explained.

All the key variables are selected.


Designing a method with appropriate apparatus

Designing a method for control of variables

Designing a method for the collection of raw data


Appropriate apparatus are selected.

A realistic method for control of variables is designed.

The method designed allows for collection of relevant data and excludes irrelevant data.


Collection of raw data

Recording raw data

Presenting raw data


Data of sufficient quality and quantity is collected

Raw data is in recorded appropriately, including units and uncertainties.

Raw data is presented clearly for easy interpretation.


Processing Data

Presenting data

Analysis of Data


The raw data is processed correctly to produce results that help interpretation.

Data/results are presented effectively and errors and uncertainties are taken into account.

Processed Data is interpreted and compared with theory


Evaluation of results

Evaluation of procedure

Modifying the procedure


A valid conclusion and explanation which addresses the research problem is given

The procedure including limitations, weakness or errors are evaluated.

Improvements are suggested where weaknesses are identified.