Nonprofit Administration: So You Want to Run (or work within) a Nonprofit?

4 credits

Saturdays, 9am to 5pm, 10/4, 10/25, 11/15, 12/6 -    ROOM: Lab II, 2211

Joan Bantz an introduction Office: LAB I, 3011  e-mail:
Phone: 360-867-5095 MY HOMEPAGE Syllabus 

Prerequisites: Graduate standing . Undergraduates must have junior standing or above.  Computer and eMail Access is mandatory.

This intensive and web-based course focuses on the administration of the non-governmental, nonprofit sector of the economy, which delivers more than ten percent of the jobs and voluntary labor force in North America. Though much in common with public administration, these organizations present a number of unique managerial and analytical problems. With public administration being pared back, the third sector is often called on to take up the slack, especially in the area of social services once provided by the state. Yet it is unclear that the sector is adequately distributed, funded or coordinated to fill the gaps of privatization. This course will explore the relationship between government, business and nonprofit agencies, and identify and discuss the challenges facing nonprofits in today's world. We will study philanthropy; volunteerism; managerial tools, techniques, and strategies for effectively administrative leadership and organization; board selection/orientation and training, and board/staff relations.  Several nonprofit leaders will share their experience and knowledge through workshops and discussions.  Students will be required to select a nonprofit to move theory into practice with during the class. 


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