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The Evergreen State College

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Lecture/Community Dialogue Series

Suggested Background Readings for February Events

These readings and additional resources can be found on reserve at the
Timberland Public Library in Olympia and The Evergreen State College Library

Feb. 12-- Religious Dimensions : Marc Ellis (Baylor U) and Lance Laird (TESC)

•  Ellis, Marc (2002). Israel and Palestine Out of the Ashes . London: Pluto (Chapter 2 "Innocence, Settlers, and State Policy," pp. 53-69).

•  Ellis, Marc (2003). Jew vs. Jew: On the Jewish Civil War and the New Prophetic.   In Tony Kushner & Alison Solomon (Eds . ) Wrestling with Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict .   NY: Grove Press (pp. 139-156).

•  Laird, Lance (Oct. 2001). Meeting Jesus Again in the First Place: Palestinian Christians and the Bible. The Gospel in Context (pp. 400-412).

•  Hiro, Delip (1996). Sharing the Promised Land: Tales of Israelis and Palestinian. NY: Olive Branch Press.   (Chapter 14 Divine Promises: The Disputing Inheritors, pp. 280-285).

•  Nuseibeh, Sari (1995). Islam's Jerusalem. In M.A. Hadi (Ed.) Jerusalem: Religious Aspects . Jerusalem: PASSIA.

• Spero, Shubert (June 2003).  Messianism & Religious Zionism: The Religious Meaning of the State of Israel.  www.wzo.org.il


Feb. 19--U.S. Foreign Policy : Naseer Aruri (University of Massachusetts) and Steven Zunes (University of San Francisco)

•  Zunes, Stephen (2003). Tinderbox: U.S. Middle East Policy and the Roots of Terrorism . Monroe, ME: Common Courage Press (pp. 119-128; pp. 147-170).  

•  Aruri, Naseer (2003). The Road Road Map: A Peace Plan or Another Palliative?   Media Monitors Network (http://www.mediamonitors.net/naseeraruri4.html).

•  Burston, Bradley (2003). Background/New Mideast Peace Bids: A Pocket Guide. Ha'aretz Daily   (http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArt.jhtml?itemNo=370152&displayTypeCd=1&sideCd=1&contrassID=2).

Feb. 26-- The Israeli Right, Hamas, and Obstacles to Peace : Ilan Peleg (Lafayette College, Penn) and Steve Niva (TESC)

•  Peleg, Ilan.   Epilogue: The Future of Binational Israel--Beyond the Winter of Discontent.   In I. Peleg   & O. Seliktar (Eds.) The Emergence of a Binational Israel: The Second Republic in the Making . Boulder: Westview Press   (pp. 223-232).

Niva, Steve. Palestinian Suicide Bombings, Israeli Provocations and the Cycle of Violence (unpublished manuscript).