Paris, Dakar, Fort de France: Voices of Revolution and Tradition
2003-2004: Fall, Winter, Spring
Last Updated: 27 January 2004

Schedule of Lectures and Films

  Monday AM Tuesday – Film Wednesday AM

Week 1

1/5 - 7

Bailey – "Le Mythe du Primitivisme, Nietzsche et Gide"

11 :30 Orientation for new students

Reading: L’Immoraliste

"Rules of the Game"

Fiksdal – Ritual & Discourse; Introduction to Ethnography

Week 2


Bailey – "Le Surréalisme à l’Exemple d’Artaud"

Cocteau’s "Orphée" and shorts

Hiro Kawasaki on Art History

Week 3


Holiday / No Class

Reading – Rites of Spring

"Grand Illusion"

Davis – "WWI" and workshop on Rites of Spring

Week 4


Bailey – "Aimé Césaire"

Reading – "Aimé Césaire" (Selected Poems*)

"La Rue Cases Nègres"

Bailey – Workshop on Césaire poems and visual art of W. Lam and J. Pons

Week 5


Davis – "History of Colonialism"

Reading: Black Orpheus and French Hospitality

"la noire de.."

Bailey – « La Pensée Existentielle: Sartre, Camus »

Fiksdal – « La Francophonie »

Week 6


Davis – "WW II and the Resistance"

Reading: Accounts of Resistance

"The Sorrow and The Pity"

Davis – Workshop on the Resistance

Fiksdal – Ethnography Workshop

Week 7


Holiday / No Class

Reading: The Plague or Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade


Bailey – Workshop on Existentialism

Fiksdal – Ethnography Workshop

Week 8


Bailey – "Le Carnaval"

Reading: Solibo Magnificent

"Black Orpheus"

Bailey – Workshop on Solibo and Carnival

Week 9


Davis – "The Algerian War and Colonialism"

Reading: Wretched of the Earth

"Battle of Algiers"

Bailey – Workshop on Fanon

Week 10


Bailey – "Le vaudou et les images du merveilleux"

Reading: Cathedral of the August Heat


Final Exam Due

No Class

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