Photography, spring 04

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  1. Photogram
  2. Seeing What's Near
  3. The Constructed Image
  4. The Invented Self
  5. Sons and Daughters of Art History --Change as of 4/30
  6. Documentary Photography
  7. Web Site



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PHOTOGRAPHY   spring 2004

Instructor Name:

Steve Davis


office L1305 (inside the DIS)

office hours Thursday 4-5 or by appointment


Students are expected to complete all the assignments on time, attend all classes, and be an active and informed participant in seminars and discussions.  As the experience levels vary, students who are capable of helping and assisting others are expected to do so.  Everyone is expected to publicly display work as per class guidelines at the final week of the course, and to keep the work up through commencement.

Course Description:

This program aims to educate students to a broad range of contemporary photographic practices. Targeted towards beginning to intermediate levels, we will explore photography history, approaches, theory and a wide range of techniques in order to provide students with the tools for personal expression through this medium. Photography today exists in many forms and for many purposes. The tools and technologies used introduce problematic values and offer new possibilities for shifts in aesthetics and visual interpretation. Expect to become proficient with cameras of different formats (35mm, 120, digital, and possibly 4x5). Studio photography will be addressed, including how to effectively use professional lighting equipment. On the wet side of photography, we'll work in both black and white and color darkrooms. The digital, or dry end of the medium will be explored fully, including making high quality inkjet prints and crafting your own Web page as an effective means of presentation. Work by historic and contemporary artists will be reviewed, and students will be asked to make presentations on photographers of their choice. Seminars groups will explore reading material in relation to the class's ongoing photography projects. Guest speakers and field trips are anticipated. Final projects, accompanied by artists' statements, will be presented for public display.

Text book Website:


Class Schedule and locations:



Online file storage:


Program web page:






9:00 to 12:00




9:00 to 16:00

Sem2 & Library



9:00 to 15:00

Library & Sem2

L1341/ A2105

Required Text:

Photography, The Photography Reader, A World History of Photography

Required Supplies:

$150.00 user fee will help cover printing papers, a Holga camera, and some film. Matting and mounting materials will be your responsibility.

Week 1


            Wednesday March 31



            Thursday April 1

            The Photogram

·        Assignment #1: the Photogram

·        read Horenstein:

·         Moments in Time: Snapshots of

·        Black and White Printing

·        and pages 375-376

·        Quiz: Black and White Printing > Multiple Choice

·        Artwork—Adam Fuss

·        Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

·        Man Ray


Friday April 2

Introduction to the Camera

  • Assignment #2: the Holga Print
  • Lab--Photo center A.M. The Holga camera P.M.



Week 2

Wednesday April 7

Assignment #1 Critique & Seminar



  • For seminar--develop six questions based on the assigned reading. Questions must refer to specific passages, and be type-written.


  • read Wells, chapters 5, 6, 7, Part 3 Introduction, 13 & 14,  and Rosenblum chapters 1, 2 & 3


Thursday April 8

Film development and Contact Print

  • Read Horenstein:



Friday April 9

The Print/35mm camera review and proficiency





Week 3


            Wednesday April 14


read Wells, chapters 1,2,8,9,10,11,12 and Rosenblum chapter 11 (or read week 1’s reading if you already read this)




            Thursday April 15

            Introduction to Digital Photography

Read Horenstein

Digital Imaging


Digital Imaging > Multiple Choice


Friday April 16

Lab/Assignment #2 Critique







Week 4


            Wednesday April 21


read Wells, chapters 3,4, and Part Four  Rosenblum chapters 4,5,6, and 7



            Thursday April 22

            Digital Imaging continued



Friday April 23

Lab/assignment #3 Critique       



Week 5


            Wednesday April 28

            Mid-Quarter Conferences


            Thursday April 29


            Field Trip: Seattle Art Museum and galleries

Read Wells Parts 8 and 9 and look at the following web sites:




Friday April 30

Lab/assignment #4 Critique












Week 6


            Wednesday May 5

            Read Wells Part 5, and review Wells Parts 8 and 9





            Thursday May 6

Studio Lighting

Read Horenstein

Lighting Tools and Techniques


Lighting Tools and Techniques > Multiple Choice




Friday May 7

Large camera formats/Tools for Presentations





Week 7


            Wednesday May 12

            Hang work for Seminar II Grand Opening


            Thursday May 13

Color Printing

Read Horenstein

Color Printing, and review chapter 8

Companion Website

Color Printing > Multiple Choice



Friday May 14

Introduction to the Web/Critique assignment 5








Week 8


            Wednesday May 19


            Read Wells Part 6, and review Rosenblum chapters 8, 10, and 11



Documenting America


Let Us Now Praise Famous Men


Philip-Lorca diCorcia


Jacob RiisHow the Other Half Lives


Larry Clark


Grrl Stories


Visions of the Sacred






Santa Fe Center for Photography




Foto8 Magazine


Untitled Magazine


Washington State Photography Resources






Thursday May 20

            Presentations of group 1 and 3



Friday May 21

Lab/video presentation



Week 9


            Wednesday May 26 –extended class---

            Assignment 6 Critique/ Guest photographer Amanda Koster


            Thursday May 27

            The Web Page/Presentations part 3



Friday May 28

Print Finishing/Organize work for show

Read Horenstein

Finishing Prints





Week 10


            Wednesday June 2

            Web page critique



            Hang Class Exhibition



Final Critique