Learners are invited to email their responses to these 4 questions at the end of week 1 or 2.
The four questions

I.       What do you want to learn?
II.      How do you want to learn it?
III.    What do you plan to do with what you learn?
IV.    What difference will it make?

Learners are invited to take this pre-test during our first class meeting.
Pre-test - First Day

I.      Look for meaning and be specific. Tell the story of who you are and what brings you to want to learn this year. Bring order to chaos.

II.    Talk about your learning styles, your kinds of intelligences, your strategies for learning, the methodologies that you may employ.

III.   Discuss how you will move from theory to practice, about applying what you have learned. Use behavioral language, i.e., action language in your discussion.

IV.   Describe this in terms of transformation, "I am X and will be Y," This learning will transform me: I had a lack, a deficit, and now I'm more whole." Will your community be transformed? your world? how?

WEEK FIVE Learners are invited to write on the following.
Reflection - 5th. week

I.      Tell the story of your actual learning.
II.     Talk about what intelligences you employed.
III.    Discuss how it worked for you to think about moving from theory to practice.
IV.    Describe the transformations that you observed and experienced.