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What does it mean to be Human?

Ann Szwajkowski - 10:28am May 14, 2004
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I will give my presentation on May 27th anytime is alright with me.

n  salena - 06:34pm May 9, 2004 (5.)  Mark  Reply Edit MessageDelete MessageMove

Hello class! Is anyone able to come to presentations the last week of class? I am leaving for Europe as a part of my final projection next week and won't be returning until June 3rd which I do not feel gives me enough time to prepare for a presentation on the 5th, however I am able to give my presentaton on June 8th in the Longhouse on what I have been doing the past two quarters. I will call my presentation Awakening. also, does anyone (particularly the faculty) know where I can get a full list of Evergreen credits? Please let me know . please email me at

Thanks, Salena

n  Juanita Tedder - 04:27pm May 9, 2004 (4.)  Mark  Reply Edit MessageDelete MessageMove

Hi, My name is Juanita and I will be presenting, June 5th, about prisons, volunteer ism and rehabilitation.
I enjoyed reading about the different project presentations and hope to be there to learn from and support other students.

Dustin Green - 10:19pm Apr 28, 2004

I'd like to present my findings on progressive education and it's various relations within my study on May 25th or 27th.

Spring Fever Photography

I have a photography show entitled PORTRAITS OF SPRING hanging in the HALLWAY between the LIBRARY and MEDIA
LOAN. It will hang from today Monday the 10th until Friday May the 15th. Check it out next time you go to
the library.
                        Karin Thorpe

zale carroll - 07:26pm May 9, 2004

please, creator, don't let anyone show up at my presentation on May 13th! Amen. Zale.

Laura Schmidt - 02:44pm May 5, 2004

I would like to be able to present my project on the true history of Christopher Columbus and its repercussions on May 25th anytime between 1:00 and 3:00.

megan dart-mclean - 12:24pm May 2, 2004

would like to present my project concerning hoboes on may 27 anytime between 1 and 2:30. (i need to be at work at three, but i can be flexable.) thanks, megan dart-mclean

Pete and Blake's Project

Blake Buckalew - 02:46pm May 29, 2004
Call me Blake

Hello again!
   wow the end is getting close now, and we are pretty much done with our projects. We've been out of the loop for a bit, trying to tie up the loose ends of our work, but we believe that the time has come to let people know what we've been up to and what people are presenting! We need to go on the 1st of June, if thats possible allthough we know that its for late people with extenuating circumstances. But thanks everyone for a great year, and we hope to see you on tuesday!
   Pete and Blake

New World Order - May 20, 2004

Maco - 01:10am May 10, 2004

It's not that your world-view is wrong - it's just not complete. Come listen to Maco attempt to give reality the proverbial makeover.

music, technology, and community in the modern world

Sean Conlon - 03:44pm May 12, 2004

It looks like I will need to do my presentation on May 13th since I will be going out of the area for a while and I have read that it is prefferable that we not present the last week if possible. So I guess I will see yall Thursday.

Meditation, non-profit management and how mushrooms can save the world.

Ethan - 10:32pm May 9, 2004

I will be presenting on June 3 on my year's work. Hopefully I'll be able to pull together a power point with pictures from the mycoremediation projects I've been working on at Fungi Perfecti.

Going For A Mind Walk - A Pyschoanalysis of Myself

Robert Ferrier - 08:04pm May 17, 2004

June 01, 2004 at 1:00 pm I would like to share, with anyone who is interested in listening, my works over the year and the positive results that came from it. I chose the subject "Going For A Mind Walk" because it is exactly that; a year I spent analyzing myself to understand my needs which weren't being met and the dangerous consequences of avoiding problems. Starting with Pedagogy- Learning the Language of Oppression and the internalizing effects it has. Native American Testimony - Concepts of community and trust and the freedom in which we alreadyhave and understanding the aatrocitieswhich this country was founded. Non-Violent communication - Anger is just a feeling with unmet needs and the ppsychologicaleffects of unfeelings and statements that we use which imply the absence of choice, "have to": "The only thing you have to do is die". And ending with a look into my discovery of Pyschology and how educating myself on the subject,including the material above, led me to discover my chronic depression and neurosis. Although this will be a continuing education for myself, without bieng forced to learn, this programs subtle trickery gave us all the chance to think for ourselves. And through this education I was really analyis myself - and a pattern evolved. This pattern was my own influence, my unconcious which had been suppressed and came out as an intervention that literally saved my life.

Robert D. Ferrier

Evolution of a Culture and it's Inhabitants

Tony Pliska - 01:12pm Apr 27, 2004

Hi, my name is Tony Pliska. I was hoping to give my presentation, on how a culture evolves in reaction to a collection of simple rules and how the citizens evolution is a response to this reaction, on May 6th. I'll be leaving May 17th to go to the East Coast and back for 2 weeks, I've never seen any states east of washington, and I think this will be an excellent oppurtunity to see some of my ideas in person. But because i'll be gone for the last part of the quarter is why i want an early presentation. So yeah. Thank you.

Cultural Divide: Education, Minorities, and Languages

autumnraine - 11:23am May 9, 2004

Hey everybody!!! I'm returning home to get a chance to present my topics to you all in class. I would like to present JUNE 5th, because I only have a limited time in the area (one week if that) and am anxious to see how everyone else is going in their educational travels. Gary, I still haven't heard about how you would like the rest of my work, so I will assume I will bring the rest when I return home. I plan on doing Powerpoint as well as a video if I can firue out how to combine them both. What do I need to bring with me? Will be in Longhouse on the 5th? Someone please shoot me an email at to let me know. Autumn
PS It's so HOT!

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Anarchy and Anthropology

Marc Stiffler - 08:40pm May 9, 2004

I would like to present my work on thursday May 20th at 1:00 pm. Sort of a discussion of some books I've read, my personal experiences and hopefully questions and comments from other people.
Marc Stiffler

Tony's Expansion

Tony Brave - 05:29pm Apr 5, 2004

Well, last quarter I put up a category relating to evolution. I did not anticipate that with so much time and resources my interests would blossom so much and that I would learn so fast. That is a great thing, of course! But, I am not particularily here to talk about that, I wanted to talk about an integrated 'theory of reality'. At certain levels of inquiry we have different subjects, respectively, explaining the nature of the universe (whether in specific of wholistic detail). For example physics, under the guide of empirical science notes how reality works. The same could be said about many things, like biology and other scinces. Philosophy as well does this, but under a different level of inquiry. Philosophy may say that how can we prove, say, the blowing of the wind when we cannot empirically prove the existence of our own consciousness?

Typically the studies philosophy and science seem to combat each other, yet they are both theories or philosophies or reality. Of course they can be used together, which is my point here when I say 'INTEGRATED theory of reality'.

This should prove quite a task for the human race, but I argue that if we can reconcile this break between these two past lovers (philosophers and scientists) we can offer better aproaches to sustainability environmentally, heath-wise, and mentally for the human race as well as preserving bio-diversity around us.

How the heck are words in a book going to make a difference in our environment? How can putting two concepts together save the rainforest?

These are difficult questions, but we all need an ideology to motivate us. We all are here for an education. Let's say that if we can prove phenomenologically that we exist and beyond that, that empirical science works and if we can prove empirically that human beings are indeed phenomenological by nature many great things can come to fruit.

If this is accepted, philosophy will be back on the foreground,... but this is only minor. People will learn to reframe their arguments about politics, economics, their own personal relationships with a solid understanding that we cannot force people to change when the two people have conflicting theories of reality. Experience is what guides our own phenomenologically developed theory of reality, not someone pointing out all of our problems... or showing us some statistic...

This is almost a nice dedication to the ethos of this program! Thanks Recognition faculty!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these ideas.

Please comment if you have the motivation!

Why Death?

 Many people may find it strange that I chose to do a yearlong research project on death and dying.  I was uncomfortable with the idea at first, but that is one of the main reasons I wanted to do it, to get myself to a point where I was comfortable, and I hope that by beginning an open forum where people can learn about issues in end-of-life care and dying I can help facilitate a discussion on the subject.

     I first dealth with the death of someone close to me at age seventeen when my grandfather died of cancer.  He and my grandmother lived in one side of a two family home next door to my mother, sister and I.  As a child I spent a great deal of time with my grandparents, who I called Nana and Poppop, and we continued to have close relationships throughout my teen years.  When my Poppop was diagnosed with cancer he opted to not begin standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but to stay at home on hospice care.  It was very difficult for me to witness his physical deterioration.  He had always seemed larger than life to me and I was always convinced he knew everything, from vocabulary words to how to build an engine. He was a man of great pride and seeing him begin to falter was crushing.  I tried to spend time with him when I could, but at 17 I had my own life and things to do.  I have since wished that I had given him more of time, but he knew that I loved him and that is what is important.  He died in September of 1997.
    After my Poppop died I moved into an upstairs bedroom of my Nana's house so she would not have to be alone.   In August of 1998 she had a heart attack, her second, and was diagnosed with cancer.  She also decided that she did not want treatments, and she lived in her home with help from our family and the local hospice.  After I learned she was dying, I knew I had to be near her because I did not want to regret the things I hadn't done like I did after my Poppop died.   I spent as much time with her as I could almost everyday, I took her to doctors appointments and I did erands for her.  But the one thing I did that was the most important to her was listen.  She told me stories about her childhood and about how she and my Poppop met.  She told me to write it down, because I was the one who needed to write her history, but I didn't need to write it, I remembered every word.  She told me that I was her best friend and the only person she could talk to about dying.   She often told me that she did not want to live anymore, because life without her husband of sixty-four years was not worth living.  She said "I don't want to exsist, I want to live, and this life, this place where I am right now is not living."   Everyone else was uncomfortable hearing her say these things, but I let her speak.   She died in March of 1999, and I can honestly say there is nothing I would do differently.  I gave much of myself to her because she needed me, and that is what family is about.

     This project is a tribute to my Nana and Poppop.  When they were dying they chose not to receive treatments and not to be in pain.  Nana and Poppop were both extremely strong willed people, and even when the doctors pushed a little too hard for treatment, they refused because it was not what they wanted.  Everyone should realize that they have this choice, that they can be cared for at home by people who respect and love them.  Dying does not need to be an embarassing or undignified thing.  We need to take control of our lives and our medicine and begin to embrace every cycle of life, even the end.  I hope that this web page has educated you on the issues and available options in end-of-life care today.

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