Seminar Readings

Patricia Churchland, Brain-wise:Studies in Neurophilosophy

David Chalmers, selections on the "Hard Problem of Mind" (hand out)

E. Roy John, "A field theory of consciousness" and commentaries (handout)

Sue Savauge-Rambaugh & Roger Lewin Kanzi: the ape at the brink of the human mind

Daniel Wegner, The Illusion of Conscious Will

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Gazzaniga, Ivry, & Mangum Cognitive Neuroscience: the Biology of the Mind,2nd edition

Nowaczyk, Introductory Statistics for Behaviorial Research

Seminar Schedule

Week 11: No Reading

Week 12: Patricia Churchland, Brain-Wise, pp. 1-199

Week 13: Churchland, pp 241-370 (Note: Ch. 5 will be read with Wegner in week 8, and Ch. 9 will be read in Spring)

Week 14: handout on David Chalmer's "hard problem"

Week 15: handout on Roy John's field theory of consciousness

Week 16: Sue Savauge-Rambaugh, Kanzi

Week 17: Churchland pp. 201-238, Daniel Wegner, The Illusion of Will, pp 1-144,

Week 18: Wegner, remainder

Week 19: No Reading

Week 20: No Seminar, mini-project project preparation