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Welcome to Week 10 -- Project Presentation Week. For the Week 10 schedule see the Project Presentation Signup Form. Here are a few things that you need to have ready by the end of the week.


Here you go -- enjoy the sun! Mathematical Biology Test 2


Better late than never: Non-Linear Dynamics Test 2


Please signup for presentation time on the Project Presentation Signup Form. If you are doing a half hour presentation (Math Origins students), Signup for Tuesday or Thursday morning. If you are doing a forty five minute presentation please signup on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. I'd like all students to come to the presentations -- even if you are not presenting . The presentations will be peer evaluated and I consider your feedback to be important when writing evaluations.


Sorry about the missed class. Here are some changes to next week's schedule that I had hoped to announce in class:


Here is a link to a simulation of the Chaotic Waterwheel


I have posted the phylogenetic tree worksheet in the worksheets section of the website. This is due for homework this Thursday.


I have posted the take-home tests in the worksheets section of the website for those who would like a second look at these tests.


Recall that there are tests this week. You may bring one page of notes to the in-class test.

For Non-Linear Dynamics: Wednesday, April 20th.

For Discrete Mathematical Biology: Thursday, April 21st.


This is a quick reminder that project proposals are due on Thursday. I've posted a new link to Mathematical biology papers (pariticualry concerning evolution) in the Resources section of the website.


I hope it's been a good first week of Spring quarter for everyone. Let me konw if you have questions. This is a reminder that Projects proposals are due next Thursday. If you have questions about what this involves come talk to me on Monday. Also, I've posted the Logistic Map Excel demo in the Labs and Demos section of the website. You may find this example program useful for parts of this week's discrete mathematical biology homework (when they suggest you use MATLAB, use Excel instead.)


Please complete the following credit distribution questionaire


The Week 1 Schedule is now set. Please complete the listed readings before each class. In particular we will be having a seminar discussion on the preface and first 3 chapters of Life's Other Secret by Ian Stewart on Monday of Week 1. Please read those chapters and write a paragraph about some topic that you wish to discuss during the seminar.