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Tuesday Morning, 10 - 12: Lecture

Sem 2, E1107

Tuesday Afternoon, 1 - 3: Seminar

Sem 2, A2...

07, Leonard

09, Steven

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Wednesday Morning, 10 - 1: Workshop

Sem 2, C1107

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Thursday 10 - 1: Groups

Sem 2, A2



Advanced Poetics.

Faculty: Leonard Schwartz (x5412) & Steven Hendricks (x5745)

(email Leonard; email Steven [Steven web])


This program will explore a full range of avant-garde poetry and poetics, and will include both a poetry composition workshop and an examination of key texts in the American avant-garde poetic tradition. Students will be asked to explore their own writing by means of formal constraints and frequent writing exercises, and to produce a body of poems through the course of the quarter. Readings will focus on Ezra Pound and the Pound tradition, from H.D.-but also Gertrude Stein and Wallace Stevens-to contemporary figures like Barbara Guest, Alice Notley, Michael Palmer and Kamau Brathwaite. We will also read select poets in translation, and look at/think about the translation process as metaphor for the composition of poetry itself.

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Lecture, Seminar, Workshop, Small Groups.

The program has some several parts. We will do extensive reading in contemporary American poetry and its avant-garde antecedents. We will be looking at traditions of contemporary meta-fiction. We will engage with our own writing through a writing workshop, which will also involve weekly writing exercises. There will be a poetry reading series that is a required part of the program. Students will also organize their own reading series, which will usually fall on Tuesday nights. There will be critical writing. The class will be organized around lecture (Tuesday morning), seminar (Tuesday afternoon), writing workshop(Wednesday morning), reading series (Tuesday night, Wednesday night), and small group meetings around pre-selected books and subjects (Thursday).

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