Arts and the Child

Arts and the Child, draft calendar, Wednesdays 5:30-9pm, Saturdays 9am-5pm, Sunday, Feb 13, 9am-5pm




Assignments and Things that are Due


Wed. Jan. 5,

Sem.II C1105

Introductions, Syllabi, Nature Walk, Art Show,
Class Journal, Web x Pictures,
Introduction to stories, Osiris clay workshop
Puppet Show rehearsal.

Come to class.


Wed.Jan. 12
Sem.II C1105

Name Poems
"Brain" Video,
Work with Story
Seminar: Natural Child
Puppet Show rehearsal.

Draw or paint a poem of your name.
Bring 3-4 pictures from your childhood for your Story (pictures or drawings)
Finish Reading"The Natural Child,"
Write questions and response paper for the seminar.

Sat.Jan. 15

Morning off campus-

TESC computer center-afternoon

9am-11am, Flower Child Day School, 512 Puget st. N.
Stages of Child Development and Curriculum
Monkey King presentation and Project Curriculum
Computer Web X and Image scanning workshop 1-3pm


Bring 3-4 pictures from your childhood (pictures or drawings)
Read: "The Natural Child,"


Wed.Jan. 19
Sem.II c1105

Brain Development workshop
Seminar: Awakening the Child Heart


Create a page on "Five Most Inspiring Educational Theories."
Finish reading "Awakening the Child Heart"
Write questions and response paper for the seminar.
Submit a proposal for your Community Service


Sem.II B1105

Brain Development Painting
Seminar "Awakening the Child Heart"

Submit Background Checks
to schools
Sign Community Service Contract.

Sat.Jan. 29
Sem.II c1105
Recital Hall
TESC computer center-afternoon

Prelimenary presentations of Projects in progress
Indigo Children
phenomenon and Movie Premier
Web and Photoshop workshops

Memorize a simple nursery rhyme, or a fairy tale for your Project
Read the book "Indigo Children" (recommended)

Wed.Feb. 2
Off Campus

Evening at Lincoln (Options) Elementary, 213 21st Av SE

"Child and the Book" workshop with Dona Donnermiller

"Sciences in Early Grades" workshop with Michael Dempster

Post your story on WWW
Start Community Service
Art Journal and all papers review


Wed.Feb. 9

Brain and Perception
Art workshop - " Rainbow" painting


Friday, Feb 11
Sat. Feb. 12

TESC Longhouse

Tai Ji Workshop with Chungliang Al Huang,
Red Pine, and Stuart Dempster
Sat. Feb. 12, Rehearsal in the Longhouse, 6pm-7:30pm


Sunday. Feb. 13

TESC Longhouse

Lunar New Year Celebration Read Recovery of Man in Childhood

Wed. Feb. 16

Evening at Olympia Waldorf School (OWS), 8126 Normandy St. SE
The Remedial Lesson workshop

Seminar: Recovery of Man in Child

Write questions and response paper for the seminar.
Draft proposal of "Project" paper and preliminary bibliography
Wed. Feb. 23
Sem.II C1105
No Class  

Sat. Feb. 26

Sem.II C1105

Alexander Technique workshop with Lynne Compton 1pm

First draft of "Project" paper due.


Wed. March 2

Childhood in China, Chinese Painting

Read The Connected Family (1/2)
Write questions and response paper for the seminar.


Wed. March 9

Student presentations (5-10 min. long)
Seminar: The Connected Family

Evaluation from field supervisors is due.
"Project" paper due
Drafts of Self and Faculty Eval.
Art Journal and Portfolio due.

Sat. March 12

Sem.II C1105

Student presentations (5-10 min. long)



Evaluation Conferences




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