Arts and the Child

Faculty-Student Covenant


Students and the faculty in this program are expected to participate in the program activities in a spirit of goodwill. At all times, every individual is expected to be considerate of how his/her actions affect the learning environment of others. Should problems arise, they must be resolved in a direct and timely manner. Complaining to others and nursing resentments in private does not help or solve any problems. Cooperative work is highly valued in this program. Students, when directed to work in teams, are required to do their part and be supportive of other members of the team. Evaluation of group work will be based on each individual's contribution to the effort of the team. Team members will be asked to provide written evaluations of each other. When reporting joint work, students are required to indicate personal contributions and give credit to their co-workers. Students' work should be in his/her own words and he/she should be ready to elaborate their work further, if asked. Students are expected to be punctual for all program activities. These include lectures, labs, workshops, problem solving sessions and guest lectures. They are also required to actively participate in all program activities. The faculty will present lectures, conduct workshops, prepare and promptly evaluate all homework and exams.


Students should meet the following minimum criteria to obtain credit.


Students will regularly receive feed back from the faculty throughout the year. At the end of fall and winter quarters, a more formal evaluation will take place. At the end of the program, these quarterly evaluations will be incorporated into one final, formal, evaluation which will be sent to the registrar's office. Your evaluation will be based on completion of all required work and the quality of your work.


Students are required to write an evaluation of the faculty member at the end of each quarter. These will be incorporated into one final evaluation at the end of the program. These evaluations may be given to the faculty member during the evaluation conference or to the program secretary prior to the evaluation conference. A student will not receive credit until his/her self evaluation and the faculty evaluation are submitted.


A student may be asked to leave the program if his/her behavior is disruptive to the learning environment of others and/or to the progress of the program. A student who is asked to leave and wishes to appeal may do so by arranging a meeting with the faculty. The decision made at this meeting will be binding. The usual avenues of higher appeals in the college will remain open.


The program faculty will assume that by your continued registration in the "Arts and the Child " program, that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the covenant outlined by this document.