Indigo Children

Since the authors Lee Carroll and Jan Tober published their book Indigo Children in 1999 the Indigo Child phenomena grew world wide. You can read a short description about Lee Carroll and Jan Tober identified the quality of the "new children coming into the world".

Now as part of this phenomena there is a new film with a world wide premier on Jan. 29 2005. Produced by the Beloved Community it is a new way of promoting and publicizing films. This is interesting as of itself. The list of cities that will be showing the film Indigo Children on Jan. 29 is most impressive. Our hope is that this promotion will bring our attention back to children. Whether we classify them as Indigo or pink children need our love and advocacy. The TESC premier of the film is free to TESC students and sponsoring organizations.

There will be a facilitated discussion following the film.