Arts and the Child

Links: Alex Grey, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors good quote with Mary Cassat’s painting Natural Child project alice miller in Natural Child Project Bruno Betelheim 3 little pigs by Iakon Levi

Franz, Marie-Louise von. Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales .

Folklore and Mythology--Electronic Texts by D.L. Ashliman millennial child Ed. Resources including articles by Eugene Schwartz , The Waldorf Curriculum and Student Art R. Steiner, Introduction to Waldorf Ed. Alex Grey, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors stages of Child development 0-5 (Ericson’s 8 stages The Speech of the Embryo Artemisia (nettle) surlalane annotated fairy tales, illustrations eastern shame girl ghostly japan taoist texts sacred texts embryo movie developmental anatomy with animations and PDF files the Quran on embryological development brain connection site from the Scientific seeing, hearing and smelling the world (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)

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