Chuck’s on Sunday (Jan. 9), 5:30pm
2304 Walnut Rd. NW

I live on the Westside, off of Division, on the north side of Walnut Rd NW. The house is two-story, tan, with dark trim, behind a tall quince hedge, with twinkling xmas lights still up, on the porch. The number “2304” is on the front of the garage.

By bus from campus: take the 41 and ask the driver to let you off at Walnut Rd. It’s mid-way between Cooper Point and Harrison. Walk west (right, from the direction of the bus) seven houses.

Driving from campus: take the parkway to Cooper Point, turn right (south), then left onto Division at the bottom of the small hill. Drive to Walnut Rd. NW. Take a right. (You could follow a 41 bus.)

Middle Eastern food especially welcome.