Lecture Notes (4-28-05)

Lecture Notes (4/14/05)

Lecture Notes (4/7/05)

Climate Change (PowerPoint)

5th Power Plan (PowerPoint)

Winning the Oil Endgame

Petrol Supply (Non-OPEC)

Petrol Supply (OPEC)



Essentials of Energy

Essentials of Energy: Resources, Policies and Politics
Howard Schwartz

Spring, 2005

Four Credits

Thursdays, 6-10 PM

Sem2 A2107

REMINDER: Thursday's class is the field trip to Dick Hinkle's house. Everyone will meet at 5:30 pm in the bus circle at the front of Red Square.


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Office: Seminar II B2
Office Hours: Before class or by appointment

Phone: 360-867-6723


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