Ethnic Food Systems of the Pacific Northwest Banquet List

Last Updated: 21 FEB 2005

Please bring enough food for six to eight people. Professor Henderson will bring place settings, forks, knives, plates, and other catering needs.

Mike L. - Tunisian Stew
Max - Salmon
Riley - Couscous, cheesecake
Jeff - Indian cuisine
Brad - brisket and dessert
Lacey - pie
Madeline - a potato/grain salad
Tia - vegetarian side dish
Patt Savage - dessert
Dean - Miso soup
Ben - streausel Kuchen, bread
Duffy - pasta salad
Keegan - beverages
Young - Appetizer platter
Maggie - Salad
Chelsea - drinks
Chris R. - Asian soup
Angela - apple pie x2
Irene - cheese plates small stuff
Jan - cookies
Steve - batting clean up
Tash - appetizers
Heidi - drinks