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- Resource Guide (by Claude Mahmood) coming soon

- Hello all:

You may want to check out this web site. There is a well-known English

electronica music artist who is putting out a CD on food politics.

Described as a "big band ensemble about the politics of food

production...danceable and mostly instrumental", the CD will be released

in late June. The web site is well-designed, and includes links to

interesting food sites, a bibliography and music excerpts.


- The 3 Take home exam questions here!!

- Student Contact Information- phone numbers and email

- Update the download page with acrobat files.

- Know the Kitchen Clean Up Rules!!! (Please read)

- Added a new site called "Downloadable Files" and there you can download all the files thus far that have been given up for posting per week.

- Need something posted? Email it to and let me know what it is for!!