Forensics & Mystery Writing

Fall & Winter, All Level Program, 48 students
16 credits per quarter

This program will combine the exploration of forensics science with the development of writing skills in the mystery genre. We will explore aspects of science associated with crime scene analysis, witness testimony, evidence collection, evidence testing, and interpretation of data. Students’ investigations in these areas will provide the necessary authenticity and authority for their subsequent writing. Students will also study fiction writing techniques—plot, character development, narrative structure, point of view, description, tension, etc.— to enrich their work.

This is a demanding program. Students are expected not only to meet mathematical prerequisites but to approach both the forensics and writing components with vigor and discipline.

Rebecca Sunderman (
Evan Shopper (

PREREQUISITES: A student must have the ability to use a calculator and perform mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) with fractions.

SPECIAL EXPENSES: $85 for field trips



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