Democracy & Free Speech - 2005 Spring Quarter


Covenant (see link on home page)
Syllabus (see link on home page)
Basic Citations
Federal Reporters (where the court opinions can be found)
Cases for appelllate advocacy (docket) (see link on home page)
Appellate Advocacy: Developing the Statement of the Case
Appellate Avocacy: Developing the Questions Presented
Apellate Advocacy: Understanding  the Questions Presented (small group exercise)
Sample Appellate Brief (No permission to upload; see Jose or a classmate for a copy)
Appellate Advocacy: Developing the Written Argument
Appellate Advocacy: Writing the Summary and Conclusion
Appellate Advocacy: Developing and Organizing the Oral Argument
Form for Justices to Fill Out in Preparation for Oral Argument
Form for Others to Fill out as They Listen to Oral Arguments (these will be available in the "courtroom")
Evergreen Supreme Court: Docket and Calendar for 2005 Spring Term

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