Supplies List:

General art and geology lab supplies:

Hardbound black 4”x6” unlined sketchbook for Field Notebook

Hardbound or spiral hardcover black larger sketchbook (up to 9x12”) for Journal

Small handlens 10X

Hand trowel for digging

Pencil (H or HB) and portable sharpener

Mars plastic eraser

Kneaded eraser

Fine permanent ink micron pen (05 or 02 size is good)

Metric ruler

Glue stick – UHU or other non-toxic, acid free glue

Scissors and/or Exacto knife and sharp blades

Colored pencils

Watercolors (can be an inexpensive set such as Prang)

Watercolor brush (eg. # 6 or 8 round ), if not included in set

Water container

White artist’s tape (not regular masking tape)


Ceramics supplies:

Fetling knife

Cutting wire

Needle tool                                             The bookstore has these in a set for a

2-3 modeling tools                                      good price: Artworks potter and

small sponge (eg. Elephant ear sponge)                     clay tool set

smooth wood or aluminum rib

wire loop tool


small plastic bucket

cheap old paint brush

plastic trash bags

scrap cardboard and paper


kitchen sponge

Please initial all your tools with permanent marker.