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Who are we as learners? How does learning involve our physical, thinking, feeling, social and cultural selves? In this program we will actively explore what biology, developmental psychology, education and the politics of identity can contribute to our understanding of what learning looks like and requires. We will also actively use the program as a lab to observe our individual learning processes and to experiment with different ways to engage learning.

The program will involve reading, writing, visual representation, public presentation, collaborative group work and what ever other tools we discover that we need to fully understand what we set out to learn.

This program will be useful to folks who are thinking about teaching as a profession. It will also be a very useful program for folks who are wondering about how to nurture and maximize their learning as students. And of course, it will be useful to any parent or future parent who wants to support, bring joy and nurture a sense of empowerment to their child’s experience of learning.

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