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Announcements from past weeks:

Here's a link to the Evergreen Climate Change Conference. If anyone has a better link, please let me know.

Is it warm down here, or is it just me?

The question of evil arrives in the New York Times science section. You guys could have saved them a bunch of space since they don't seem to have a useful definition. P.S. It made the zeitgeist.

Two down (almost), 48 to go!

David's exam key is finaly up (my fault, not his). Bret's Exam Key is here. Stay tuned for Tom's key, which I still need to scan.

Are you interested in spending 12 weeks this summer involved in ecological research in Harvard Forest? Thirty students from around the country will get that opportunity. Room and board is provided, and students will earn a $4200 stipend. Evergreen credits are a possibility. Information is available here. Applications are due by March 4th. Here is the application form.

Keys to workshops are now available in the Handout section of this page.

Non-Zero should be finished by Monday of week 6, not Week five. Monday afternoon of week 5 will be used for exam review, location to be announced.

First draft of research paper is due Thursday of week 6, not Monday.

Links to the Web Page Creation Resources have been added to our links section. If you haven't requested a webspace, do so now. If you are having trouble, go to the CAL and get help.

At least one person was interested in the question of the evolution of sex. Here is a pretty good outline of the subject.

David has recieved word of a Paid Summer Internship on the Oregon Coast! That's five great words made all the better by being linked up together just so. The internship is 10 weeks long and pays a stipend of $3400. Housing at the Hatfield Marine Science Center is included. Topics include: oceanography, marine biology, geology, estuarine ecology, biogeochemistry, fish behavior, fisheries ecology, aquaculture, and genetics. If you are free this summer and interested in this opportity, look here for more information, or look at this PDF file.

READER/NOTE-TAKER STILL NEEDED. Comrades ... Is someone in the class able and willing to read the seminar books aloud to a student who needs this assistance? Is someone willing & able to take notes for this student? One or two persons -- a good way to read and pre-discuss seminar books, and the college usually provides modest pay. If interested, contact Dave, Tom, or Bret. ASAP, please.
THANKS!!-----the faculty

Tuesday will involve the construction of personal web pages. In order to make that work you must request a personal web space at least 24 hours in advance. To do so, go to this page, log in using your evergreen ID and password, then request your web space. No excuses will be accepted. If you are having trouble, go to the CAL and get help.

Here are the lecture slides on the evolution of morality. And here is a good treatment of Kin Selection and Hamilton's Rule.
A more detailed explanation of the morality-evolution argument can be found in this paper.
It is not required, but may be useful to those that want to know more.

Great field trip folks! Thanks to all who participated and especially to David for making it all happen.

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