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These are 2-page analytical writings in direct response to a program text and in preparation for seminar.
Your diligent work on these pieces will be central to the success of our seminar and should provide ample evidence of your individual engagement with the readings.

Your approach to these papers should be informed by the following goals:

Your paper should reflect your engagement in and understanding of the text and film of that week as well as program themes and questions.

If completed with your week 4 and week 8 synthesis papers in mind, your seminar papers can make that more challenging assignment much easier.

Your papers should help you to prepare for seminar discussions by providing time to reflect deeply on the texts under study. While your paper should pursue a rich understanding of the text, it can also include questions and inquiries to which you don't yet have any answers.

Your seminar paper is NOT a passive review of the text/film.

It is not a drawn out discussion of your tastes or preferences.

It is not your opportunity to criticize the text (in a destructive sense); it is your opportunity to learn from the text by developing and supporting your own significant ideas about it.