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week by week


Each week, you'll be assigned to write a story or, later in the quarter, a project component. These pieces will be due on Wednesday, when you will meet with a small group of students.

YOU MUST BRING COPIES OF YOUR WORK FOR YOUR GROUP. Plan to have three other people in your group. That means 4 copies.

On Thursday, you will turn in your piece with a written "author's note" and with the related worksheet from wednesday.

AND along with all of that...

Instead of revising these pieces, you will turn in a half-a-page to a page "Revision Strategy." The expectations/goals for these Revision Strategy documents is to develop a critical perspective on your own work and to demonstrate your command of the creative writing process.

Ideally your work should be turned in with the

Revision Strategy on top...

the Worksheet second

and your manuscript.

all stapled.