Imagining the Past

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The importance of attendance cannot be stressed enough.

Besides missing out on valuable information and ideas,

poor attendance can alienate you from the learning community,

make it difficult for faculty to assess your engagement in the work of the program,

and ultimately jeopardize your credit.

After 3 absences, you are at risk of losing credit.

The loss of credit due to absence may occur regardless of whether work was made up.

When you must miss class, it is your responsibility to notify the faculty and to check with faculty and students to find out what you missed. Whenever possible, notify your seminar leader well in advance of missing class.

Even notifying faculty members on the day of an absence has a remarkably positive effect.

LATENESS: At the beginning of each class session, faculty will take attendance, collect assignments, and take care of other program business. It is your responsibility to be in class on time