Imagining the Past

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Getting Help

You are welcome to come to us to discuss assignments,

problems, requests or suggestions about anything at any time.

Jin's office hours:

Steven's office hours:

You can also discuss any concerns or ideas with Theresa (x5625) , the Academic Advisor assigned to our program


Many of your general Academic Advising questions might be answered here.

You can get assistance in the Writing Center either by making an appointment or showing up at drop in hours.



In addition to seeing you in class, we will be keeping in touch with everyone in the program via email. We will be using your Evergreen email address, so if you would like mail forwarded to your personal account, make arrangements in the Computer Center. Please check your mail frequently during the week—we will be checking ours daily.

Much of our program communication, notices, project documents, and workshops will be available through our program web site, which you can find by going to


There are many more resources available in addition to those listed here—just let us know what you need and we’ll hook you up. The most important thing to remember about getting help is seeking it out as soon as you think you need it—it’s what we’re all here for.

Primetime Academic Support Center

Is located in “A” Dorm, room 205, Phone x: 5112

Writing tutors available 6 to 10 pm Sunday through Wednesday, Academic Advisor available 6 to 9 pm Monday and Tuesday.


Writing Center

Is located in CAB 108. Phone x: 6420

Monday-Thursday                    10am-8pm

Friday                                      11am-3pm


K.E.Y. Student Services

Is located in Library 1407  Phone: x 6464

Academic and other support services for students who qualify