Interrogating American Cultures through the Arts

Fall, Winter and Spring quarters

Faculty: Ratna Roy, Gail Tremblay, Marge Brown

Enrollment: 69 Class Standing: This Core program is designed for freshmen students.

Faculty Signature: This program will accept new students who are interested in theater and dance. For information contact Ratna Roy, (360) 867-6469. Special Expenses: Museum, theater and gallery fees, approximately $20 for each field trip.

This program will examine the multiplicity of cultures in North America made up of both the indigenous peoples and the settlers from around the world and will interrogate the notion of "American culture." This study will also include issues of cultural hybridity and intercultural interaction and will involve the exploration of these topics through the study of history, literature, art history, visual arts, film, multimedia and dance theater.

Students will focus on individual communities through readings, discussions, reflective writing and hands-on projects. They will reflect on their selves and own ethnic identity, as well as influences from growing up in a diverse society, dealing with issues of identity, cultural hybridity and insider/outsider dynamics.

In winter, there will be research writing about cultures that have shaped the vitality of the American scene: Native American, South Asian American, Irish American, Japanese American, Armenian American, Appalachian, Chinese American, Mexican American and African American, as well as those of mixed cultural heritage. All students will be expected to participate in hands-on workshops in Orissi dance, mixed media art and/or multimedia production and to produce creative as well as written work on the themes of the program. They will also begin working towards multi-media performances.

In spring, students' multimedia, interactive performances and/or installations will be performed and shown on and off campus, in the community and in public schools.

Students will interact with visual artists, performing artists, media artists and Evergreen alumni in the arts. There will be field trips to cultural. events in Seattle and Native American communities.

Credit awarded in: multicultural American history, visual arts, media studies, Orissi dance, theater, cultural studies, English composition and American studies.

Total: 16 credits each quarter.

Program is preparatory for: careers and future studies in fine arts, performing arts and history.

Program Updates:

(4/21/04) Ju-Pong Lin will be replaced by a visiting visual artist.

(5/14/04) Marge Brown has joined this faculty team. I (02/07/05) This program will accept new students who are interested in theater and dance. For information contact Ratna Roy, (360) 867-6469.