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MPA Tribal Governance, Fall 2004
Our Agreements

    We invest in ourselves

  • We actively and enthusiastically engage in learning.
  • We do our best work
  • We show up to all classes on time.
  • We are prepared, listen, and share our views.
  • We turn our work in on time.

    We are honest

  • We speak our minds and question inappropriate behaviors. 
  • What is said/written here stays here.

    We respect others.
  • We disagree with ideas, not people.
  • We do no harm as we engage in the learning proce
  • One person at a time speaks.
  • We seek to be more culturally compentent with issues of race, ethnicity,     culture, class and gender.
  • We make room for others who learn and express themselves differently.
  • We value extroverts and introverts.
  • We encourage all to "try on new hats" and respect change.

    We have Fun!!!!!!!!!!