Photo Projects ----Spring 2005 ------ NEW BASE LOCATION: Sem II E2107

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Faculty: Steve Davis x6263

Prerequisites: Basic photography experience and portfolio

Faculty Signature: yes

Special Expenses: >$250 for film, paper, and related materials


This course is geared towards the development of individual photography projects. Through assignments, research and critiques you will develop a personal photographic project, complete with electronic and/or slide portfolio. Areas covered in regularly scheduled workshops may include digital image editing, fine printing, studio lighting, matting, and presentation. You will have a wide variety of options in theme, technology, and stylistic approach. Expect to produce a professional and public exhibition at the program’s end.

Credit awarded in photography

Total: credits 16

Basic Expectations


  1. "Ripped From Today's Headlines"
  2. "Ripped 2"
  3. "Final Project Proposal"

Book List at PhotoEye.Com (type for class book list)