Interested in truth?

In the spring of 2007, we will be offering the program True, but not Obvious in much the same way as it was offered in the spring of 2005. Students will play with the practical mathematics of the Pythagorean theorem while grappling with the philosophical issues of proof and truth and the perception-challenging physics of special relativity. All of this will be accomplished without technical textbooks. While students will be challenged by the ideas, they will find the math eerily easy. So it is a good program for anyone interested in investigations of what seems to be true but isn't and what seems obviously false but is taken by scientists to be true. Fans of math and science will find the philosophy enlightening, and students wary of math and science will be relieved to find that thinking about things can lead to amazing truths.

So come join us in an investigation of truth, its limits, and the strangeness of space and time.