an 8-credit program
offered spring quarter 2006

Allen Olson
Sem2 B2108
OlsonA <at> evergreen.edu

Susan Preciso
Sem2 B2112
PrecisoS <at> evergreen.edu

Meeting times: Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 to 9:30
Meeting place: Sem2 A1107
Field trip: There will be a Saturday field trip to Tacoma from 10:00 to 4:00 on Saturday, April 22.


1905 HistoryWiki

What was life like one hundred years ago?

In 1905, Einstein published papers that revolutionized physics, and Freud published works that described his non-traditional approaches to psychology. It was the year that established Willa Cather as a great writer. It was a time when artists, architects and musicians were pushing the boundaries of what was "acceptable." It was the year that Mark Twain used a book to raise awareness of the abuses in the Belgian Congo and the year that Upton Sinclair worked to expose the abuses of the meat-packing industry in the United States.

It was a time of tremendous change. It was a time in which amazing historical figures were alive. Join us as we attempt to transport ourselves back in time by reading the newspapers, books and magazines of the time and by getting to know the people and ideas that were alive in 1905. Help us reconstruct some of what life was like one hundred years ago.

Students wishing to earn 12 credits should consider taking the 4-credit Paradoxical Physics course as a companion to this program.


We will be reading seven books in this program, but you will get to pick two of them yourself (with our approval) to read and seminar on in your research group. The five books that everyone will read are as follows:

Einstein 1905 is about Einstein's papers which were published in 1905, and all four other books were originally published in 1905.

Credit Equivalencies:

Sigmund Freud with his mother Amalia and his wife Martha, 1905
links: 1 2

Albert Einstein, 1905
links: 1 2

Edith Wharton, 1905
links: 1 2

Picasso's Boy Leading a Horse 1905-06
links: 1
Monet's Waterlillies I, 1905
links: 1

Cover of The Jungle
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