Faculty: Amy Fisher
note: no office on campus; mailbox in Sem 2, 2124; click on -contact faculty- below to send a message


This 4-credit course provides an opportunity to learn about 4 interrelated, 2-dimensional art disciplines: design, drawing, painting and printmaking. We will use pencil, ink, water media, and relief printmaking ink . Class time will be divided between studio time for independent work and group instruction time that may be presented via demos, slide presentations, and formal analysis sessions.

Estimated costs for materials are $75-$100. The cost will vary depending on the quality of materials that you buy and what you might have on hand. Time will be available Week 1 to buy materials needed for the first class session.

Click on syllabus above to access the detailed, week-by-week description of the schedule, exercises and assignments. images shows examples of solutions to the assignments in each discipline. resources provides a list of books,catalogues and related topics that provide learning support.

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