Quizzes and Surveys

Occasionally, you will be required to take surveys and quizzes (e.g. first week, midquarter, and end of quarter). Quizzes may be graded. While Surveys are generally informational, they are also mandatory.

See your program Syllabus for due dates on quizzes and surveys.

To access online quizzes and surveys, on InQsit, follow these simple steps:

  • In your web browser, go to http://grace.evergreen.edu/inqsit/
  • click Enter here - Continue.
  • Under Administrator, choose "zita" (see figure at right) and Continue
  • choose InSurvey (for example)
  • enter your name, fill in your responses, and click Finish (or Continue)

If you have any technical difficulties, don't panic. First, try these fixes:

  • restart your browser and try again
  • try a different browser (e.g. Firefox or Explorere)
  • ask a classmate or TA for help
  • use a computer on campus

If you took all those steps and it still doesn't work, then email Zita and <overcasi(a)evergreen.edu> with a description of the trouble. We'll get Computer Services to fix it, and you'll get an extension on the due date.

Don't worry if InQsit tries to grade you on a survey. That is InQsit's default, but Zita does not generally score surveys.
You can take most surveys and some quizzes repeatedly if you like.
On some surveys or quizzes, you may be able to go back and see your answers after you are finished.

If you want to print your work, DO PRINT PREVIEW first to save paper and make sure it is printing what you want. Otherwise you might waste a lot of paper on nearly empty frames.


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