• 18 January: Some minor changes have gone on here, if you haven't noticed. Two more bars upstairs: "gallery" and "community building", still under some construction and in need of some planning. Governance and handouts sections are also, once again, up to date. I think...
  • 6 December: Verrily, the Directory hath arrived! Finally! Take a look, if you remember the password. In fact, you might just check to make sure there's no typo in your address-- let me know if there is, and it'll be fixed chop-chop. Thanks go to Lorna for the transcription.
  • 23 October: Yes, the site has moved into its own special space on the server, so now I'm not the only one with access to it. Remember to update your bookmarks-- and thanks for bearing with us.
         In addition, the directory page has been outfitted with 'bot-repellant and password protection, so anything we put in there should be pretty safe. I guess I'll tell everybody the password on Tuesday.
         Some Governance notes are now available, too.
  • 17 October: Links! Currently all the links we have are shortcuts to the listserve, but in the future they might include, well, anything.
  • 12 October: The handouts page now has a few real live handouts for download.

  • 11 October: The Tab is now operational. Its fantastic buttons now link to other pages containing what used to be lower down on this page. Make yourself at home.

  • 7 October 2005: Huzzah! Public Works now has its very own web site. The beginnings of it, anyway. Any further advancements in the project will be posted here, so don't change that channel. I mean.... you know. --E

  • Last Updated 1-18-06