Misc. Reminders / Changes:

Guest lecture/film presentation on Tuesday: John deGraaff—Buyer be Fair!

Jigsaw Work on Tuesday. You should have already read your section. Very Important Jigsaw Document

We'll be trying to have individual meetings with everyone this week. If you don't have one scheduled, contact your faculty.  Bring your portfolio and your research log to your meeting.

for Seminar:

This week, we're reading selections from Wheatley for both seminars.

All Students Read "Opening" and Section 1 (pp  -  ); For wednesday, read either section 2 OR 3 and prepare to fishbowl. For Friday, reader section 4 OR 5 and prepare for fishbowl and closing discussion.


No case work intro'd. until week seven.

Economics / Guell:

Read chapter 27 for next Tuesday.