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winter: syllabus, covenant

In the Fall quarter we explored those forces that constitute the conditions in which organizations function using some of the tools of history, sociology, cultural studies, and economics. We considered carefully how these different forces can both obstruct and aid us in ethical decision-making. In case studies and other program activities, we studied the processes, private and public, by which decisions, mistakes, and innovations are really made. In general, we worked to discern the different roles that individuals and organizations can play within larger systems. The work of Fall quarter included: case studies, group projects, independent research, lecture, text seminars, seminar papers, a synthetic thesis paper, a challenge course retreat, and workshops in group dynamics, quantitative reasoning, econmoics, critical and creative problem solving, and writing.

In the Winter quarter, we will ask: “Given the structures we live within, how do we respond to challenges and opportunities in ways that are right, just, and fair?” We will consider this broad question at the level of the individual, organizations, and both local and global communities. While Winter quarter will include much of the same type of work requirements, substantial segments of the work-load will be determined by student interests, projects, and research.


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