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Please refer to this website for regular news and updates about the program.
Here are a few notes as we come up to the penultimate week. Please have a look at the Portfolio handout and start creating you e-portfolio as soon as you can. There are specific instructions on how we want you to do that in the handout. Next week you will have a bit of project time during regularly scheduled class on Wednesday. Ruth and I will be available for consultations so plan to make good use of that opportunity.
The physics assessment is posted on Assignments page. Please complete this on your own and hand it in by Tuesday February 14th and 9:30 am. Happy Valentines Day!.
There were some typos in the Force assignment. You might find it helpful to download a new copy from the Assignments page
This week we will be dealing with cycles and waves in our workshops. I came across the following article in New Scientist, Brainwave Boogie, about making and dancing to music derived from brainwaves. It provides an interesting connection to a number of ideas we are discussing this quarter.
We have updated the week 1 schedule. In particular we have moved the Borges readings to Monday morning, so please start reading these now. Seminar handouts on motion are also posted. We will be reading these on Thursday of week 1. Please read the updated winter quarter syllabus for more details on activities and deadlines this quarter. Also read the Project Information handout for more information about projects
Happy New Year! We hope you had a good break and are ready for some fun in Winter quarter! We have some new information for you. Please look at the new schedule. The times are the same but some of the rooms are new. Also note the reading list for Monday of Week 1. Please check back for more updates later this week.
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