Information Landscapes : Mapping the (In)Visible

The Evergreen State College Library, Sponsored Group Contract, 2005-2006

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This full-time academic program in student originated studies combines studies in history, cultural geography, library and information science, and academic computing. It provides junior and senior students the opportunity and skills to explore and assess the state of internet research and standing for a chosen field of knowledge. All fields of study are open for assessment, from traditional disciplines such as history, biology, photography or art, to new fields such as digital imaging, computer languages, or computer science.

A primary goal of this year-long program is to investigate the impact that computer technology is having on the liberal arts and on human processes of learning, thinking, creating and knowing. A secondary goal is for every program member to develop advanced knowledge in web literacy and development . As a learning community we will work toward these goals by exploring the rapidly changing medium of computers in humanistic, analytical and technical terms.

Beginning to advanced computer users are encouraged to apply. Admission by application. Enrollment is limited. Students will earn credits in research methods, media literacy, digital imaging and web design, library history, and in chosen fields of academic study. Preparatory for careers in academia, library and information science, media and cultural studies, web development, public administration, and education.

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