Memories, Dreams, Beliefs

Spring 2006 

doranne’s POD: Personal Mythology Collective Memory

This section of the program will focus on exploring, understanding, accepting and changing your personal mythologies.  The foundation you have built through studying Jung, Campbell, Memory theories, and Creative Responses to private and public events will be your base for moving into experiential work with Depth Psychology from the perspective of Expressive Arts therapies.  The intention of your work will be to continue exploring the connections between how you see and define yourself, and the belief systems, memories, cultural experiences, media images, and symbols that have contributed to your personal mythologies.  The goal of your work will be to integrate those connections in order to move confidently into your work in the wider world.

Among the assigned and optional texts for this work, three are core to your individual, partner, and small group activities (see below).  You will begin the individual work two weeks before the start of Spring session.  In week 7, there is an opportunity for public presentation of your work.  The group will decide if you choose to do this.

This quarter is devoted to experiential work inspired by the reading, workshop activities, and on or off campus internships or volunteer work you might choose to undertake .(Separate handout will be available at the end of winter session, along with the weekly syllabus.)  There will be two papers required, due in weeks 5 and 9.  They will include two sections:  Response to required reading; Integration of individual and group work based on the experiential workshops, guest presentations, and reflections on your personal explorations, including any internship or volunteer work you might choose to do.

Book List:


The Ash Garden, Bock, Vintage, ISBN 0-375-72749-3

Gender Outlaw, Bornstein, Vintage, ISBN 0-679-75701-5 **

The Artist’s Way, Cameron, Tarcher/Pegree, ISBN 0-87477-694-5*

Ethics For The New Millenium, The Dalai Lama, Riverhead, ISBN 1-57332-025-6

The God In Every Man, and The Goddess In Every Woman, both 

by Dr. Jean Shinoda-Bolen

Today Is Not A Good Day For War, Krieger, Capra, ISBN 1-59266-050-9 **

The Impossible Will Take A Little While, ed. Loeb, Basic, ISBN 0-465-04166-3*


Myths To Live By, Joseph Campbell, Bantam, ISBN 0-553-27088-5

Living With The Devil: A Meditation On Good And Evil, Batchelor, Riverhead, ISBN 1-59448-087-7

The Hero With A Thousand Faces, Campbell, Princeton, ISBN 0-691-01784-0

The Secret Language Of Symbols, Fontana, ISBN 0-8818-0462-3

Spiritual Politics: Changing The World From The Inside Out, McLaughlin and Davidson, Ballantine, ISBN 0-345-36983-1

thoughts without a thinker, Epstein, Basic, ISBN 0-465-08585-7

Women Who Run With The Wolves, Pinkola-Estes, Ballantine. ISBN 0-345-37744-3

In Our Own Best Interest, Schulz, Beacon, ISBN 0-8070-0226-7

*  These  texts will be read over the course of the quarter.  You will begin your work with The Artist’s Way two weeks before Spring session begins.

** Each of  these books will be supplemented with a program lecture by invited guest speakers and each speaker will then facilitate a workshop with your section.  There also will be four guests who will facilitate Expressive Arts Therapy workshops for your session, connected with your on-going work with The Artist’s Way and Personal Mythology, and one more, connected to your work with The Impossible Will Take A Little While.


A class notebook with three divided sections (for lecture, seminar, workshop)

A separate journal (for Dialogues and Insights)

A spiral notebook for your “morning pages”, The Artist’s Way

18x24 Newsprint pad for drawing

A large, soft bristled paint brush; a box of charcoal; a soft eraser

Colored drawing pencils or pens

A role of drafting tape